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About Us

Caring Veg Community (CVC) Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit that strives to make veganism fun, friendly and accessible. We provide inclusive grassroots education around the benefits of plant-based diets and anti-speciesism as well as care and/or mutual aid for human and non-human persons. 

Our Philosophy

CVC believes that the oppression of humans, non-humans, and the earth are all interconnected. We believe in caring for each other while we work to break down the structures that oppress us all. 

Previous Projects

Pre- COVID, CVC has participated in or hosted: leafleting events, Paid-Per-Views, documentary screenings, vegan food sampling events on college campuses & at festivals/expos, vegan food shares & potlucks, support groups, book clubs, public lectures, Sunrise Sanctuary clean-ups, presentations on plant-based living to local organizations and high school classrooms, family-friendly literature & resource creation, and a restaurant outreach initiative! 

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