Internship Opportunities

Get grassroots activism experience, make connections, & help a nonprofit grow! As an intern, you will work directly with the CVC Founder and Executive Director to build skills that will benefit you as you move forward into your career in animal protection or any other social movement. 

Requirements: Completion of 150 hours over 3-9 months, Weekly Zoom Check-ins, Interest in Consistent Anti-Oppression, Interest in Veganism, Self-directed/Ability to Work Remotely without Supervision.

Benefits: Every internship is customized to the intern, Grow your skills in grassroots activism & communication, Help your community, Make connections with likeminded people, CVC will serve as reference & provide letter of recommendation as long as needed.

Internship possibilities

Every internship is customized to the needs and interests of the intern based on a meeting at the beginning of the internship. Here are some examples of the different sorts of skills and education that your internship could focus on. 

1) General Student Internship - this is for the high school or college student looking for an internship to fulfill a school requirement. This internship will build your skills in activism, increase your knowledge of the vegan movement, and enhance your critical thinking skills. 

2) Animal Rights Internship - this is for the activist who would like to build their skills in activism to further develop themselves as an effective animal protection activist. This internship has a focus on activist theory, grassroots organizing, and leadership. 

3) Nonprofit Management Internship - this is for the individual who is interested in learning about management of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In addition to building your skills in activism, increasing your knowledge about the vegan movement, and enhancing your critical thinking skills, you will also learn about the inner workings of managing and growing a nonprofit. 

4) Social Media Internship - this is for the individual who wants to utilize social media in order to promote veganism as fun, friendly, and delicious in an effort to inspire more people to choose vegan options and lifestyles. 

5) Business Liaison Internship - this is for the individual who is interested in the professional aspects of working with a nonprofit. As an intern in this role, you will hone your communication skills while developing and maintaining relationships with businesses across central Ohio. Additional responsibilities may include collaborating with businesses on projects of interest and spreading awareness of the CVC's message.

In addition to the formal internships listed above, the CVC also creates customized internships based on interest. For example, past CVC internships have included a Health & Wellness Intern and an Environmental & Social Justice Intern. Please feel free to apply for an internship, even if your preferred title differs from one of our five core internships.

Ready to get involved?  Please complete the intern application here.

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